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Salon Etiquette

Okay Ladies...lets talk about salon etiquette!! We appreciate you choosing us as your stylist but there is a thin line between a "professional stylist" and a "kitchen-beautician". Here are 5 tips your stylist wants you to know but wont say.

1. Be On Time

A great stylist will never overbook...therefore if youre late, you WILL throw the entire day off! Treat a first visit like a first date. Be On Time. I live by the motto "If your 5 minutes early, youre on time...and if youre on time, youre late." Once youre 15 minutes past your appointment time, understand that youre stylist may not be able to accomodate you. Dress up. Dressing up a little bit allows your stylist to get to know your personal style and personality more...that way we're able to suggest certain styles for you based off that. Lastly, instead of wasting everyones time and money, let your stylist know ahead of time if you cant make it or if youre going to be late. NO CALL + NO SHOW = NO NEW APPOINTMENT!

2. Cheating

Some clients deem it necessary to stick with one stylist while others venture out and change stylists as much as they change their underwear. I personally dont mind being cheated a client that is lol!! When a client sits back in my chair after cheating on me, I welcome them with open arms and we move on. After all, If they come back, you must be doing something right. From a professional stand point, however, it is always best to find one stylist that you like and stick with them! Dealing with only one stylist allows them to learn your hair and growth pattern, suggest new styles, and cater to you and your specific needs.

3. Put Some "Respeck" On My Shop!

Dont bring food to eat in your stylist's chair. Feel free to eat in the waiting area, but its NOT okay to eat your smelly chinese food in the styling area of the salon. When you leave..the smell stays! Dont have LOUD conversations or use foul language while in the salon. Its very inappropriate and rude to the stylists and other clients being serviced. Get off of your phone while you are being shampooed, being styled, or getting cut. You could potentially be putting yourself and your stylist in a dangerous situation and be making it difficult for them to do their job effectively. If you need to charge your phone, please ask your stylist or the salon owner. Dont just assume its okay to use an empty plug!

4. Dont Forget The Little People

If youre happy with your service, its courteous to tip at least 15%-20%. It is not common to tip the salon owner, but it is ALWAYS courteous to slide a few bucks to your stylists assitant (if they have one) or to anyone who helped with your service.

5. Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say

In other words....Know what you want! Bring a picture of the style you want if youre not able to explain it in detail. Your vision of a healthy trim may not be my vision of a healthy trim. Your idea of a deep side part bang may be very different from mine, etc. its super easy nowadays with smartphones taking over!

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