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To Chop Or Not To Chop: The "Big Chop" vs. "The Transition"

With the consistent damage that relaxers and other chemicals cause, more and more women are deciding to go "Au Naturale". The question still lies though - should you transition (gradually grow out your relaxer) or go for the Big Chop (cut off your relaxed hair and start your natural hair journey from scratch)?

Of course with any decision, there are always pros and cons. If you transition, tou can keep your length, however, youll have to deal with styling different textures of hair which can sometimes be difficult. If you do the Big Chop, you'll get rid of your relaxer all at once, but you may be left with only an inch or two of hair.

Still undecided? Be sure to do plenty of research and check out others' testimonials to figure out which is the right move for YOU!

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